A Conversation About Life and Faith

What is Alpha?

Alpha is an open and informal conversation about life, spirituality, and the person of Jesus without judgement or pressure. We want to hear your thoughts and questions as we explore these themes together without the pressured atmosphere that usually comes with these conversations. Everyone is welcome, regardless of your faith background.

How does it work?

Come to the Launch Night and see if Alpha is for you. It is the first week of Alpha, where you get to hear what Alpha is all about. If you’re curious about Alpha and like the idea of meeting new people, it’s for you.

Alpha will run for 8 weeks after the Launch Night where we will share a free meal around a table, followed by a 25-minute talk from an everyday person designed to spark conversation around the big questions of life, Jesus, and faith. THERE WILL BE FREE CHILDCARE. The best part of Alpha is a chance to hear from others and share your perspective. You can say anything you want or nothing at all.

When and Where?

Dates: Sunday, Sep. 8th thru Nov 3rd

Location: 1870 Russell Way, Carson City, NV 89706